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Artist SheeAbout Artist Shee

Artist Shee is an international artist specialized in oil painting and sculpture. His work of art is created in three distinctive cultural geographic locations of Europe, America and Asia: Paris, Chicago and Taipei. His talent creation shines in all forms and styles of art. His emotions resonate with many art enthusiasts all over the world as his faithful and patronage followers. That is truly a driving force behind his passion in art.

Dr. Gloria Groom, Curator of the Art Institute of Chicago for 19th Century European Painting & Sculpture, once said "his art is about communicating the joy he has found in painting with the colors that convey his dreams to others. His colors and forms have been reinvigorated by his rich personal life and most of all by his deep appreciation of the human body and by his spiritual center."

His Exhibitions

studioTaipei1 smHe is credited exclusively with more than fifty solo exhibitions in various countries and has met thousands and thousands of art-loving followers around the world. He is tirelessly devoted to his work in order to fulfill his dream and satisfy those art enthusiasts. The repercussion and echoes from them have always further strengthened his determination to create more works of art. In art making Shee is always highly motivated and enthusiastically moving forward to meet the challenge of higher expectation from both himself and his viewers.

At his frequent exhibitions Shee in particular welcomes children to visit on sites for a congenial face to face interaction and positive conversations through art as the medium. Children seem quite comfortable in interpreting the meaning of those art pieces as presented. Shee believe strongly it is more important for artists to create art for youngsters to understand than for collectors to own. There shall be no ownership but sharing knowledge and exchanging wisdom in art.

Shee Timeline

His Life & Medical Career

1938 Born in Changhua, Taiwan and excelled in as a child in Chinese Calligraphy. 
1957 Graduated from Yuanlin High School. 
1964 Doctor of Medicine from Kaohsiung Medical University and served one year in the army 
1965 Moved to the United States of America for higher education in medicine. 
1966 Anatomic Pathology at the Institute of Laboratory Medicine.. 
1968 Clinical Pathology and Nuclear Medicine at Mayo Clinic.  
1970 Discovered a new measurement for red cell survival and awarded the Young Investigator in research by the Society of Nuclear Medicine. 
1971 Taught Medical School at the University of Wisconsin. Certified as Medical Specialist in the fields of Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology and Nuclear Medicine. 
1976 Chairman of the Department of Pathology and Director of Laboratory Medicine at the Meriter Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin. 
1980 MBA degree from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. 
1984 Founded Vital Med Laboratories, Northbrook, Illinois. Five years later, merged with Hoffmann-La Roche pharmaceutical company. 
1988 Permanent member of the Doctors Mayo Society. 
1990 Consultant to various businesses, hospitals and universities internationally. 

His Artistic Career


1993  Began oil painting in December and finished the first painting of “Beauty & Rejoicing” 24 x 36 inches in the following January. 
1995  Published The Path from Medicine to Art
Solo tour exhibitions in the United States - Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. 
1996  Published art catalog, Shee - a Reflection of Life, volume I.
Solo tour exhibitions in Taiwan - Taipei, Changhua and Kaohsiung. 
1998  Published art catalog, Shee - a Reflection of Life, volume II.
Solo tour exhibitions in Japan - Nerima Art Museum and Meguro Museum of Fine Arts, both of Tokyo.
Biography of Shee-Successful Variations in Life, by Erica Casperson. 
1999  Established Musée Highland in Highland Park of Illinois as an artist studio or creating artworks.
Solo tour exhibition in France - Centre de Art de la Cathedrale Americaine et Centre Culturel Chinois, both of Paris. 
2000  Established Shee Studio and a living quarter in Paris. 
2001  Permanent exhibition at Highland Musée. 
2002  Published art catalog, Meditation Sur La Vie, volume III.
Solo exposition at la Grande Arche, La Defense, Paris. 
2003  Solo exhibition in Taiwan at the Taiwan Television Enterprise in Taipei. 
2004  Solo international exhibitions in Taiwan, Chicago and Paris, Buenos Aires. 
2005  Solo tour exhibitions in Taiwan – Hualian, Changhua and Taipei. 
2006  Solo tour exhibitions in Taipei, Highland Park, Mayo Clinic. 
2007  Solo exhibition in Yuanlin, Changhua, Taiwan at the community library.
Mrs. Island Chen wrote a descriptive book “Words spoken in Paintings” based on more than 50 Shee’s oil paintings. This book combined liberal arts of literature and fine art of paintings and has been well received by those art enthusiast readers immediately following publication in April. 
2008  Solo exhibition in Zusan, Nantou, Taiwan at the Shinzong Memorial Library. 
2010  Art on The Move visited Shee Highland Musée with Art Institute of Chicago members.
Solo exhibition of oil paintings in St. Louis, Missouri.
Shee Garden of Sculptures unveils statues: Peace, Hope, Lady Love, Heart-to-Heart. 
2011  Solo exhibitions of oil paintings and sculptures:
    The Art Center of Highland Park, Highland Park, Illinois.
    Fifth Third Bank and the Shee Highland Musée, Highland Park, Illinois.
    NATMA Annual Convention Special Exhibition in Washington DC.
    Tianquan exhibition of oil paintings: Bali, New Taipei City.
    The New Year Party “Shee Art, Music and charitable dinner”, Victoria Hotel, Taipei.
2012 Special Exhibition of oil paintings and sculptures at the Shee Highland Musée.
Special advisor to the president of the Business Professional Women's Association & participation of its United Nations with South South News TV interview & Asia Pacific Conferences.
Published art & poetry book - "Muse of Love, Peace & Hope", by Yoda, Mohe and Shee  
2014 Established Shee Highland Musée in Taipei, Taiwan at the Yangming Spring.
Solo exhibition at the Shee Highland Musée, Taipei.
Expanded Shee Studio & Sculpture Garden at Highland Musée in Highland Park, IL  
2015 Anniversary Exhibition & Music Festival at Shee Highland Musée Taipei.
Charitable Event for Catholic Homeless Elderly House, New Taipei City.
Fund Raising for Vegetable people to benefit the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation.
Franz Porcelain and artist Shee to unveil “Pilgrimage Vase”.
2016 Violin Recital, Piano and Art Festival at Shee Highland Musée in Chicago.
Garden Walk and Sculpture Exhibition at Shee Highland Musee for the North Shore Garden Club Centennial Celebration.
Recital by Lang Lang Scholars & Midwest Young Artist Conservatory Musicians at Shee Highland Musée.
The unveiling ceremony of bronze sculpture Peace at Kaohsiung Medical University, 62nd Anniversary
2017 The unveiling ceremony of “World Peace” bronze sculpture by Shee at National YuanLin Senior High School, Taiwan.
The unveiling ceremony of “Formosa Victory Bear” sculpture at Shee Highland Musée in Chicago.
The unveiling ceremony of “Formosa Victory Bear II & Champion Boy” sculpture at Shee Highland Musée in Chicago
2018 Oil Painting and Sculpture Art Exhibition at Shee Highland Musée -Welcome Rotary International - Arch Klumph Society Members from Taiwan
2019 World Peace Sculpture Unveiling at National Taipei University, Shee’s Love for Peace
Rotary International - Arch Klumph Society Members Festival at Shee Highland Musée - Promoting International Charitable Work
Students from “Taiwan Youth Overseas Project to Chicago” visiting Shee Highland Musée
Oil Painting and Sculpture Art Exhibition at Shee Highland Musée - Welcome Rotary International - Arch Klumph Society Members from Asia.
Taipei Chanson Rotary Club visited Shee Highland Musée in Yangmingshan, and enjoyed Shee’s artwork